MSI Stats

  • Over 100 million installed users.
  • Over 3 million Mobile users
  • Over 38 million Mad Games users.
  • Over 28 million total Application Factory users.
  • Over 12.5 million Love Percentage users.
  • Over 6,000 user generated apps.
  • Over 4 million total Facebook likes.

Who Are We?

We are Media Sense Interactive (MSI), an app development company based in Windsor, Ontario. We specialize in developing cross-platform apps and games, particularly web apps, mobile apps (iPhone and Android), games, and social apps (Facebook). Since 2010 we have developed and published many in-house apps and games, ranging from humble horoscopes/quiz apps to real-time online games, advanced 3D games, and complex cross-platform social apps.

Our development spans several platforms. We have over 70 active web apps and games running on the Facebook platform. Most notably, we created our Mad Games brand, which is a collection of over 40 standalone arcade games. We also developed Application Factory, which enabled users to build their own Facebook apps. On mobile we have over 15 apps and games, mostly for Android, and the list is growing. Among our popular titles are Logo Game, Icon Game, Trivia Quiz, and Connect the Dots. Overall, our apps are used by over 7 million users every month, and they have been installed over 100 million times.

Our team consists of talented developers and designers motivated to push the boundaries and infuse creativity in every project. We are proud of our accomplishments and look forward to developing new and innovative apps.